Alice Branton, the Chief Executive Officer at Trivedi Global Inc. is an example of how a woman passing through a glorious career, achieving milestones can reach to a pinnacle of spiritualism.
Read Alice Branton’s blogs on various spiritual, self-improvement, children care, health matters, religion, philosophy, new age insight, wellness and philosophy. Now Alice Branton, Chief Executive Officer for Trivedi Global Inc., has herself experienced Blessing as Energy Transmissions through The Trivedi Effect® and found amazing results as she gained inner peace, happiness and an improved sense of well-being.
Alice Branton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Trivedi Global Inc., has herself experienced Energy Transmissions through The Trivedi Effect® and found amazing results as she gained inner peace, happiness and an improved sense of well-being.
The Blessings from Dahryn Trivedi has helped many women in hopelessness and grief to come out of their situations and start living a meaningful life full of peace, happiness and success. Dahryn Trivedi is a spiritual master with the remarkable ability of Energy Transmission through her thought process and has the potential to transform lives.
Alice Branton, the Trivedi Master™ and CEO of Trivedi Global Inc. has been providing her powerful Blessings to people struggling with various kinds of disorders and problems in their lives. Her inclination towards women and children inspires her to work for their upliftment and development.
Alice Branton is the Trivedi Master™ to be chosen by the divine. She was declared as the Trivedi Master on November 9th, 2013 by the Spiritual Master Mahendra Trivedi. Alike Mahendra Trivedi, Alice Branton also possesses the unique ability to transmit universal positive energy. She wants to use this powerful energy for the benefit of the humanity.
Read Dahryn Trivedi’s blogs on various spiritual, Relationship, health matters, philosophy, new age insight, wellness and philosophy. Dahryn Trivedi is the Trivedi Master and wife of Master of Transformation Mahendra Trivedi. She, like Mahendra Trivedi is the conduit of powerful Blessings which have the ability to transform living beings and non-living objects.
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has astonished the world through his unique ability to transform humans, plants, trees, microbes and non-living objects through his Blessings.
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi organizes various human wellness programs named as Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs in order to provide the benefits of his Blessings.
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has displayed the astounding impacts of his Blessings on the living beings and non-living materials.
Dahryn Trivedi’s opinion on various problems in a relationship is very simple. She says that relationships are the heart and soul of a person’s life and they should be nurtured with love and care.
The third and the most recently chosen Trivedi Master™, Alice Branton is also the CEO of Trivedi Global Inc. She has joined Mahendra Trivedi in his mission to improve the quality of human life & is an inspiration to all women seeking a life full of success & self-fulfillment.
The Trivedi Master™ Dahryn Trivedi says that there is no sure shot formula for success in life. People often get distracted from their actual goals of their life while searching for some shortcut techniques to achieve success.
Dahryn Trivedi is one of the Trivedi Masters™ & wife of the Master of Transformation, Mahendra Trivedi. She has launched the very famous skin care product named as Dahryn Skin Gel™, which has caused a surge of pleasure among those worried about their aging skin & other dermatological problems.
Dahryn Trivedi believes that the world today is surrounded by a number of disorders, like depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-confidence, mental restlessness & many more. The major reason she states that is the current hectic lifestyle, which makes people competitive & aggressive.
Mahendra Trivedi, who is popularly known as the Master of Transformation emphasizes on the need to attain a higher level of consciousness for people seeking an ideal and satisfied life.
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has dedicated his life to help the Humankind with his remarkable ability through his blessing by the grace of God called The Trivedi Effect®.
Talking about stress, the Master of Transformation Mahendra Trivedi states, “Exposure to stress can create alertness and awareness. If you can get the ability to cope with stress, then it will help you for the rest of your life”.
Experience the Energy Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and other three Trivedi Masters to transform your problematic life into a peaceful and successful one.
Mahendra Trivedi has been working diligently to make world an improved and happy planet with the help of his amazing gift known as The Trivedi Effect.
With help of his unique abilities, Mahendra Trivedi is working towards the benefit of humanity by enhancing their positive qualities and eradicating the negatives.
Mahendra Trivedi is known to possess unique ability of transmitting unknown energy to individuals which helps them to live a happier and purposeful life.
Tens of thousands of lives have been transformed and health, energy and confidence have been provided to people all around the world by Mr. Mahendra Trivedi
Under Trivedi Master Wellness, Mahendra Trivedi has initiated his work of blessing human beings and other living and non-living organisms with The Trivedi Effect
Mahendra Trivedi filed the Trivedi Master Wellness Lawsuit and got justice against attempt by the defendants to defame him and to spoil the goodwill of his companies.
Mahendra Trivedi is a spiritual master who adopted a non-traditional and a simple way of approaching people for providing them his guidance, help and blessings.
Mahendra Trivedi won the Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Lawsuit as defendant Dennis Lang was found guilty of attempting to defame Mr. Trivedi and his companies.
Mahendra Trivedi Live Webcast - Unleash Your Divine Abundance! Mahendra Trivedi, known for his phenomenal The Trivedi Effect, presented a live webcast on January 23, 2014.
Mahendra Trivedi, the master of transformation cleared by the court of the State of Arizona against Nolan Corbitt & Dennis Lang, which alleged false allegations against Mahendra Trivedi & his associated companies.
Mahendra Trivedi, founder of Trivedi Master Wellness™ and the Trivedi Foundation™, hosted a retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 3rd and 4th, 2013.